A man claiming to be Portland’s first homegrown Men’s Rights Activist decided to target an all-female (and transgender) comedy fest this past week in Portland. All Jane No Dick is a multi-night celebration of (very funny!) women in comedy, which makes plenty of sense as a concept, given the sexism in the stand-up field. But one fellow named Matt seems to lack this context, which is why he stands alone, adamant, against the “no dick” joke in the title. He mounted his own flyer campaign disparaging the event and advertised on Craigslist for co-protesters, operating under the nickname he himself has invented: “The Lone Woof.”

This dogged fellow is neither part of a routine nor a gag out of Portlandia. And he’s certainly not arguing, as a sophisticated left-wing critic might, for less gender essentialism and more fluidity in the festival’s moniker. Nope, instead, Matt just appears to be dude, who has had damn well enough — enough of safe spaces designed to nurture women away from the patriarchy’s glare.

"A time may come when things in the old love-life department are really swinging your way. Like maybe your sardonic, cruel, yet weirdly attractive employer/master has finally admitted that he loves you back and wants to make you his forever. You’re over the moon with happiness, but there is the matter of the frequent low laughter coming from the locked garret chambers (which often occurs just when you’re yearning most to be free). Girlfriend, here’s a hint: you might want to check out the source of that laughter a bit more carefully before you walk down the aisle."

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"The actress says to the man, “I do not feel beautiful. I feel like a mother.” This brings to mind the dying bull. He does not know why he feels the constant need to compare women and animals, but to him it feels good."

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