My series of articles on work-life balance…

It has been fun to start wading through current thinking on maternity leave, sick leave, workshare and more. America may be far, far, far from implementing these changes, but I think an important part of being a progressive is not losing sight of the dream of a better society and saying: this is how it should be.

Here are my pieces:

Why Marissa Mayer’s Choice Scares Me-The Sisterhood. I wish we as a society had more options available for part-time work for new parents and anyone caring for an ailing relative. But at the same time, I’m troubled by the policy implications that might come from the choice of a CEO to work through maternity leave.

How Less Work for Everybody Could Solve a Lot of Our Economic Turbulence and Make Life More Pleasant-AlterNet. ”Job creation” isn’t the only answer.

We Have Less Maternity Leave Than Pakistan? 5 Things That Would Make Your Job Humane AlterNet and Salon. Everyone’s talking about work-life balance, but here are some concrete ways we might actually achieve it.