The link above is a piece in praise of Caitlin Moran and Cheryl Strayed. I describe both their work as feminist memoir. Whether poignant and soul-searching or funny and raunch-tastic in tone, how good it is to have new and gripping reads enter the feminist pantheon!

Incidentally, I’ve just broken my “diet”, started around New Year’s, of no books by white men. As promised, I broke it by digging into Nicholas Nickelby (I’m about a tenth of the way through.) My diet included what I hoped would be a fair-ish a sampling of pop lit, YA, serious literature, multicultural lit, stuff with overtly feminist content, and a few books by my college classmates. 

Here are the books I’ve read since “the diet” started:

PenelopePenelope Harrington, Rebecca 

What I missed in this period was specifically queer writing and works by men of color. So that’s my next goal, post-Dickens and the glut of important new books coming out this month (Chabon, Diaz, Smith, ROWLING).