Sandy Responses


The line wasn’t between those with electricity and those without, but between those who had recourse and those who didn’t.

By Sarah Seltzer | AlterNet

After an explosion at a power station cut off service to Lower Manhattan, photos showed a stark divide in Manhattan between lit-up uptown and downtown blanketed in darkness. The image was gripping and the frightening experience of many downtown is no joke—nor are the losses of life from the storm.

Still, when the inevitable posts went up declaring that “New York is now divided,” I had to laugh. Because it’s not the divisions we can see after a storm, but rather the city’s giant unseen fissure which makes events like Sandy so threatening.

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Here’s what I’ve written about Sandy so far. The above piece for the AlterNet tumblr, also at Salon and Truthout and  Alternet itself.

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If you have Sandy stories that need to be told, ping me at and I will pass them on for a compilation we’re doing.