Come See Me!

Tomorrow, on a panel about blogging for change at the JOFA conference:

Wednesday, reading at Launchpad in Crown Heights:

Here is the mp3 of today’s show.

TJC’s The Salon Ep. 21 Clip: Lessons from the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (by TheJewishChannelTJC)

I went on this fun talk show for Jewish ladies to discuss the issues of the day.

A few clips above and below.

Happy New Year!

Here are my final few media appearances of 2011 talking OWS.

—Above, on Thom Hartmann talking about Occupy Our Homes.

—And another Hartmann video on OWS post-raids (this time from home, via Skype!):


—And here is my appearance on LA’s Feminist magazine KPFK radio show talking feminism and OWS (starts about 4:30 minutes in).

More OWS writing to come in 2012!


I went on Tavis Smiley’s radio show to talk about women and #OWS—this is all in the “pre-eviction” era now.

As for the eviction, my early-morning cyber-sleuthing report on it is here: 

Crackdown on OWS: Zuccotti Park Raided Under Media Blackout, Pepper Spray and Batons Used, Tents Cleared Out

I went on The Big Picture with my colleague Josh to talk about the state of the occupations… my segment begins about 4:30 in, but the entire thing is worth watching.

Hartmann: OWS Berkeley - nights sticks violently shoved into their stomachs (by TheBigPictureRT)